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Newsletter - July 2015

Neuron ESB 3.5 Cumulative Update (CU) 3 Released!

The preferred application and service integration platform for Microsoft .NET

In November of 2014 we released Neuron ESB 3.5 into the wild! Since then, we've released 2 Cumulative Updates and a QFE patch. Here we are in July 2015, our business growing and many new customers leveraging the powerful new workflow features introduced in Neuron ESB 3.5. Cumulative Update 3 is the culmination of all the customer feedback we've received since the original release of Neuron ESB 3.5. In addition to customer feedback, we use these vehicles as an opportunity to deliver NET NEW capabilities to the community, enabling the development of more complex, yet easy to manage solutions on the Neuron ESB platform.

If you’re using Neuron ESB 3.5 today, you should download the Cumulative Update 3 patch to update your existing installation. Current customers can obtain either the Patch or the full installation from the Neuron ESB Support Site. If you are new to Neuron ESB, you can download the full installation from the Neuron ESB Web site. All the details of this release can be found in the Knowledge base Article KB351-0715151.

Customers will find many critical fixes in this update as well as a host of new features and enhancements, most significant of which is an SAP Adapter and an Adapter Wizard for generating XML based Schemas and sample messages. Many more capabilities are included is this update, some of which include…

  • SAP Adapter
  • TCP Socket Adapter
  • REDIS Adapter
  • Microsoft SQL Service Broker Adapter
  • Salesforce Multiple Version Support
  • NetSuite Multiple Version Support
  • Adapter Schema/Message Generation Wizard
  • Business Process Extensibility Enhancements
  • New Workflow Activities
  • New Monitoring Capabilities
  • New Service Broker Capabilities
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Enhancements
  • 100+ Critical Fixes

Australian Government Securities And Investments Commission and others adopt Neuron ESB for Application Integration and Modernization efforts.

Read the latest Case Studies to see why so many adopt Neuron ESB for Business Integration and Workflow!

Neuron ESB has definitely simplified our world. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how a system interface works, we just hook it up to Neuron and boom, it's done.”

– Mark T. Naples, Senior IT Director, Le Duff America

SAP for Neuron ESB!

With the release of Neuron ESB 3.5 CU3 we now have connectivity to SAP!  The Neuron Adapter for SAP is integrated with our new Adapter Schema Generation Wizard which allows organizations to browse the SAP metadata library, select which BAPI, RFC or IDocs to integrate with, download schemas and generate sample Xml documents. With this adapter organizations can call BAPIs, RFCs and send or receive IDocs.  More features will be coming in the near future! Keep an eye on our Product Team Blog for more details...

Adapter Schema and XML Message Generation Wizard!

The Neuron ESB Adapter Schema and XML Message Generation Wizard provides users a simple way to browse the back end operations of various systems such as NetSuite, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and any custom Neuron ESB Adapter that supports our new adapter interface!

Users can select which operations to integrate with, download schemas and generate sample Xml documents.

Keep an eye out on our Product Team Blog for more details...

Webinar: Accelerate Your Salesforce Adoption with Neuron ESB

Discover how to extend the functionality of your Salesforce investment with simple integration to automate ERP, marketing and common business processes to get a 360° view of your customer. Connect systems easier, capture insight faster, and close deals sooner.

"Before Neuron ESB, we used technology that was not as flexible and we built a lot of programs by hand. It would take us at least six months to roll out a product. Now it takes days or weeks."

Save Time and Money by Migrating from BizTalk Server to Neuron ESB!

Download our new Whitepaper and learn a few things this company discovered about Neuron ESB:

  • Reduced software licensing costs by approximately 12X
  • Reduced annual support costs by 20X
  • Reduced solution complexity by over 80%
  • 8.5 X performance increase over BizTalk Server


NEW Neuron ESB Adapters!

REDIS Caching, TCP/IP Sockets and Microsoft SQL Service Broker Adapters

Simplified Integration on the Microsoft Platform. We continue to add to our connectivity suite every day. Have an adapter request? Email the Neuron ESB Product Team.

Neuron ESB Architectural Assessments and Training!

Remember, these services are available through the Neuron ESB Product Team.

  • Architectural Reviews
  • Pre-production roll out assessments
  • Advanced training

Our goal is to ensure your success.

Neuron ESB 2.6 to 3.5 Upgrades!

Need assistance upgrading your existing Neuron ESB 2.x environment to Neuron ESB 3.5, just contact the Neuron ESB Product Team.

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