Neuron ESB, an application, service and workflow integration platform, announced today its selection by Lux Group, one of Australia’s largest pure-play ecommerce businesses, as the platform for integrating legacy accounting systems with NetSuite ERP. Neuron ESB is a robust enterprise service bus optimized for the .NET environment. Capitalizing on the Neuron ESB Connector for NetSuite, Lux Group can manage transactions with its nearly 7,000 vendors using a single platform for its growing family of online brands.

The deployment extends the company’s accounting systems beyond their startup capacity. Lux Group is able to transform a constant influx of unstructured data to NetSuite’s required SOA message format, creating a workflow handling the entire vendor relationship lifecycle from procurement to payment. No extensive coding is required, and the company’s developer teams work in a collaborative, parallel workflow that makes the most of their .NET capabilities.

“We chose Neuron ESB as a smart, intuitive platform. Coupled with the Neuron ESB Connector for NetSuite, its comprehensive toolsets demonstrate a clear thought process and create an affordable .NET environment that just works,” said Brett Raven, Chief Technology Officer, Lux Group. “Neuron ESB is optimized for our 15 online brands today but capable of supporting our planned global growth. We can see this platform adding value to our overall enterprise strategy moving forward, and intend to add Neuron ESB’s health check, audit and monitoring capabilities, and others like the SMTP and File Connectors.”

“Lux Group demonstrates the flexibility and depth of Neuron ESB, eliminating the need for outside consultants and helping users integrate well-defined and proven legacy systems with the next generation of performance. Our connector strategy enables a deep portfolio of options for enterprise organizations, ensuring continued value in their existing systems and maximizing their .NET resources,” said Marty Wasznicky, Vice President, Neuron ESB.

Lux Group’s Neuron ESB transactions feature vendor-related financial data and operations such as purchase orders, vendor bills and ‘recipient-created tax invoices,’ or invoices for materials Lux Group consumes on a supplier basis. Vendor orders, invoices and payments are now synchronized between legacy systems and NetSuite ERP.

The Neuron ESB Connector for NetSuite is available now and has received the “Built for NetSuite” certification. To learn more about the connector, visit To read a case study on Lux Group’s work with Neuron ESB, visit For more information, contact Neuron ESB sales at

About Neuron ESB
Neuron ESB is an application, service and workflow integration platform that simplifies messaging, system integration and Web service enablement. It facilitates quick integration of disparate applications and speeds up the adoption of service-oriented architecture. Built on Microsoft .NET, Neuron ESB enables clients to leverage existing in-house developer skills and tools to deploy projects in a matter of weeks rather than months. Neuron ESB has clients around the globe in a variety of industries. To learn more, visit

About Lux Group
Lux Group (previously AussieCommerce Group) is one of Australia’s leading ecommerce groups with a strong track record of growth and innovation since its founding in 2010. Lux Group operates fifteen websites including Luxury Escapes, Living Social, Cudo and Our mission is to inspire our clients and customers with a truly exceptional experience. We are committed to innovation and creativity, and in 2013, Lux Group was recognized by BRW as being the fast growing company in Australia. In 2015, Lux Group was recognized by Deloitte as the #1 Business Leader. We have more than six million subscribers to our websites in Australia and New Zealand. Lux Group has more than 400 staff globally, with major offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. To learn more, visit