Compassion International today announced the selection of Neuron ESB application and web services integration software to provide real-time integration that will improve the organization’s day-to-day operations throughout the redesign of the ministry’s global technology architecture. Compassion, the leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship, is one of only a handful of companies to receive premiere access to the newly-announced Neuron ESB 3.5 release.

Neuron ESB 3.5 is the latest version of the company’s enterprise service bus that extends the Microsoft platform by providing real-time reliable communication, workflow, application integration, business processing and web services management. This product acts as a universal translator, allowing Compassion, in part, to streamline messaging among its existing management systems, such as Salesforce and NetSuite, as well as provide more efficient and responsive communication between its 11 partner countries that help support and promote Compassion’s core child development program.

“As Compassion builds new systems for the future, we need a way to connect all of them together, and Neuron ESB allows us to do that,” said Compassion Senior Technical Architect Lester Henderson. “We began using Neuron five years ago but just recently acquired a worldwide site license that allows for reliable communication and integration between all of our partner countries. Before Neuron ESB, we used technology that was not as flexible and we built a lot of programs by hand. It would take us at least six months to roll out a product. Now it takes days or weeks.”

The use of Neuron ESB is central to Compassion’s 2020 Vision to release more children from poverty by developing and applying business technologies and processes that are better, smarter, faster and more efficient.

“Compassion’s recent adoption of NetSuite and Salesforce makes Neuron ESB a natural fit, providing critical integration services while delivering the long-running workflow capabilities found in our most recent Neuron ESB 3.5 release,” said Marty Wasznicky, General Manager, Neuron ESB.  “With this project’s focus and purpose, we are raising the bar for all other charities, and look forward to partnering with Compassion International to deliver the capabilities that will help ensure the project’s long-term success.”

About Compassion International

Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship. Compassion revolutionized the fight against global poverty by working exclusively with the Church to develop children out of poverty to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. It is the only child sponsorship program to be validated through independent, empirical research. Compassion partners with more than 6,500 Christian churches in 26 countries to release more than 1.4 million babies, children and students from poverty in Jesus’ name. Compassion has been awarded the highest rating for financial stewardship and transparency for 13 consecutive years by Charity Navigator, America’s largest charity evaluator. For more information on the ministry, visit or follow them on twitter at @compassion.