Integrating legacy systems with Neuron ESB extends PrePass’ CRM and accounting infrastructures, increasing automation, efficiency and safety.

The Challenge

  • Automate transaction volume.
  • Provide better service to customers through operational efficiency.
  • Automate key business processes and integrate essential back-office systems, including customer relationship management and financials to increase visibility and efficiency.
  • Limit costs, and leverage existing developer resources and systems where possible.

The Solution

  • Implement Neuron ESB, optimized for the Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Automate manual tasks through web account signups and payments to enable growth and increase service for customers.
  • Automate self-service web site serves as a front-end to a highly distributed service oriented architecture, reducing labor costs, providing capacity to handle a higher customer volume, and leveraging new and existing systems.

The Benefit

  • Improved customer satisfaction as capacity to handle more customers has increased and processing time has decreased.
  • 84% of new web-ordered accounts are now processed within 48 hours where processing once took 7-10 days.
  • Integrating systems with Neuron ESB proved effective at reducing labor costs and handling higher customer data volume, all while leveraging new and existing systems.
  • Sped productivity by eliminating manual data entry processes.
  • Preserved agility and flexibility to easily handle future business opportunities.