Turning Stone is integrating customer and hospitality data property-wide to enrich the resort experience for its loyal customers.

The Challenge

  • Turning Stone planned to boost revenue and grow their customer portfolio through an intimate customer experience and robust loyalty program.
  • Turning Stone needed to integrate and consolidate newly modernized core systems to provide real-time guest profile information in a single service record.
  • Eliminate manual data entry processes and cash systems for vouchers.

The Solution

  • Integrate systems with Neuron ESB, an intuitive, robust integration platform optimized for the Microsoft .NET platform that delivers seamless connectivity between existing systems.
  • Connect content management system, lodging management system, spa, golf, entertainment and other systems to all points of contact.
  • New single service record enables Turning Stone to centrally manage guest credentials.

The Benefit

  • Created a single source record of all guest interactions and loyalty information giving Turning Stone a 360° view of guests from online to in-casino.
  • Maximized investment in infrastructure with Neuron ESB integration platform suited to drive a long-term enterprise strategy and the foundation on which systems and apps can interact to handle future growth.