Shared data validates results for grant providers, meets data requirements for public funding, and improves client access.

The Challenge

  • Increase availability of social services by capitalizing on grants and public funding
  • Create a platform to handle existing data integration and data sharing needs
  • Prepare operations to manage an ever-increasing number of external systems, data points and reporting requirements
  • Enable clear visualization of client needs, seamlessly blending data related to healthcare, housing, job training, education and more

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an intuitive and flexible integration platform optimized for .NET development
  • Flexible hub, optimized for current data needs and anticipated growth
  • Right-sized, intuitive .NET platform to support existing development skills and resources
  • Facilitate smart movement of data between layers of internal and external systems

The Benefit

  • Enable a holistic view of Fortune Society clientele, better validating progress and success
  • Streamline connectivity with state and agency systems, each with unique data demands
  • Improve reimbursements to increase support for behavioral and physical health programs
  • Meet reporting requirements to ensure continued grant provisions and public funding
  • Make stronger client-program connections based on better access to timely assessments
  • Focus advocacy efforts based on a well-rounded, data-centric view of clients