Real-time information enables more green, sustainable and cost-effective transportation

The Challenge

  • Modernize operations to improve delivery to customers worldwide
  • Unlock functions and services caught in more than 20 LOB systems and apps
  • Move from a single-tier IT environment to a service-oriented architecture

The Solution

Neuron ESB, an easy-to-use enterprise service bus that integrates with Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms, systems and applications to provide real-time, reliable and durable messaging, business processing, workflow, and web services management.

The Benefit

  • Provides better management of systems, software and business processes
  • Delivers real-time knowledge and insight to enhance customer service
  • Integrates disparate systems and applications to improve operations
  • Supports modernization by enabling company to adopt an SOA approach
  • Leverages company’s existing .NET developers to accelerate project deployment