Complementing existing systems with faster processing that improves cloud application performance and enables transition to NetSuite ERP

The Challenge

  • Embrace new technologies to enable cloud application integration
  • Accelerate data communications beyond the scheduling capabilities inherent to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Prepare systems for smooth transition to NetSuite ERP without disrupting performance
  • Capitalize on existing expertise with Microsoft-based .NET development activities

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an intuitive robust enterprise service bus optimized for the .NET environment
  • Parallel operation with existing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Connect a range of cloud-based applications and data types using Neuron ESB's extensive connector library

The Benefit

  • Tightly integrated communications that move in real-time
  • Fast, reactive data transactions that complement established SSIS capabilities
  • Poised for growth and flexibility in accessing web services and applications
  • Transforms data without the need for add-ons, third-party connectors or outside consultant
  • Maximum value from existing .NET capabilities and resources
  • Communications hub created that is ready to enable NetSuite deployment