Guest profile system delivers real-time information while reducing integration efforts by 75%

The Challenge

  • Create a consolidated, qualified and quantified 360° view of MOHG guests
  • Provide real-time guest profiles to all online and on site points of contact
  • Get website visitor information without requiring them to make reservations

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an intuitive, robust enterprise service bus built on .NET
  • Delivers seamless connectivity between existing MOHG systems like SMS|GlobalGuest and SynXis CRS
  • Enables MOHG to centrally manage guest credentials
  • Provides a secure authentication mechanism for guests logging on to MOHG’s website

The Benefit

  • Reduces MOHG’s integration effort by up to 75%
  • Gives MOHG a 360° view of its guests, from online to in hotel
  • Allows MOHG to leverage investments in SMS|GlobalGuest and SynXis CRS
  • Provides the foundation on which future systems and apps can interact with MOHG’s hospitality solution
  • Makes MOHG more competitive in terms of guest relations, brand recognition and service delivery
  • Enables real-time access to guest information