Integrating legacy systems with NetSuite ERP extends accounting infrastructure beyond its startup capacity

The Challenge

  • Modernize ERP with NetSuite to better accommodate rapid and continued growth
  • Integrate legacy-built accounting systems, managing ~7,000 vendors across 15 websites
  • Streamline vendor relationships using a single platform from procurement to payment

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an intuitive, robust enterprise service bus optimized for the Microsoft .NET platform
  • Transform a constant influx of unstructured data to NetSuite’s SOA message format
  • Accelerate and simplify integration via The Neuron ESB Connector for NetSuite (Netsuite Connector)
  • Synchronize vendor orders, invoices and payments between legacy systems and NetSuite

The Benefit

  • Enable legacy systems to handle future continued growth
  • Fast, collaborative development with parallel workflow and visibility between teams
  • No extensive coding required and work can be done affordably by existing team
  • Pre-validated connectors eliminated the need for costly outside consultants
  • Uncovered an integration platform suited to drive long-term enterprise strategy