Simplified data integrations accelerate development of intelligent energy and water metering solutions

The Challenge

  • Eliminate point-to-point connected systems that developed organically rather than strategically in step with company growth
  • Reduce risk associated with legacy software slated for decommissioning over the next three to eight years
  • Define a smart, cohesive structure to enable a fast, modern approach to development and expansion

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an intuitive .NET-based development platform eliminating the need for point-to-point architecture
  • Reduce and simplify the number of integration techniques required for enterprise applications
  • Increase ease of development and facilitate reuse of data and functionality between applications

The Benefit

  • Efficient and competent partnership with Neuron ESB
  • Demonstrated value between cost, performance and access to expertise and support
  • Collaborative and responsive environment fuels fast and easy development
  • Flexible, agile development processes drive company-wide vision for growth and market leadership
  • Smooth transition from Proof of Concept to multiple deployments worldwide, including evolving projects such as new products and energy factories