Flexible integration platform quickly merges systems to streamline the restaurant acquisition process

The Challenge

  • Le Duff America was supporting a number of development languages
  • Each restaurant acquired used a different interface technology
  • Internal and third-party systems could not communicate with each other
  • The company needed a way to integrate and consolidate disparate systems

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an easy-to-use and cost-effective integration platform
  • Built on Microsoft .NET programming language
  • Delivers real-time, event-driven communication
  • Provides connectors to integrate multiple systems and interfaces

The Benefit

  • Allows Le Duff to quickly connect new franchise systems and interfaces
  • Minimizes training by leveraging existing .NET developer skills
  • Reuses existing data endpoints to reduce development time and cost
  • Speeds productivity by eliminating manual data entry processes
  • Provides agility and flexibility to easily handle future business opportunities