Integrated system delivers up to 28 million messages in real-time to 1,500 workstations each hour

The Challenge

LSI’s existing messaging system was too resource intensive and susceptible to lost messages, making it difficult to guarantee message delivery to regional workstations. The company needed an enterprise service bus to meet its real-time, distributed messaging needs and ensure customer SLAs were met, as well as instill trust among users of its eLS Smart Queue desktop application.

The Solution

Capitalizing on their existing .NET skills, LSI developers used Neuron ESB’s implementation of reliable Peer Channel multi-cast protocol to easily maintain and manage real-time messaging traffic across 1,500 regional workstations with minimal cost or additional infrastructure. Built entirely on .NET and WCF, LSI’s Smart Queue messaging system links directly to Neuron ESB to receive and send real-time work, order exception and lock messages.

The Benefit

  • Reduces labor costs and boosts operational efficiency
  • Provides instant visibility as orders populate queues in real time
  • Bolsters user confidence by eliminating lost messages
  • Ensures real-time delivery of “lock” messages
  • Increases capacity to handle new customer volume
  • Gives users flexibility to execute tasks quickly