Smart Neuron ESB Infrastructure Prevents Data Loss and Easily Integrates Diverse Technology Platforms

The Challenge

  • Replace an unwieldy Microsoft BizTalk platform to reduce development costs and resources
  • Eliminate delays in message queueing and notification
  • Protect against data loss and reduce downtime
  • Simplify integration of new technology platforms resulting from acquisition strategy
  • Create a more modern infrastructure capable of long-term technical growth

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an intuitive .NET-based platform for enterprise application services and workflow integration platform
  • Providing an optimized architecture for diverse integration needs
  • Training and knowledge transfer ensure smooth platform transition
  • Deployed for service virtualization, enabling service access to Dude’s web applications, partners, third parties, and vendors
  • Unifies client-facing web services in a centralized platform, allowing a single codebase for multiple applications including mobile

The Benefit

  • Smart Neuron infrastructure prevents against data loss and easily integrates diverse technology platforms
  • Customers can work non-stop, even during downtime
  • Fast transformation with integration training from Neuron ESB
  • Capitalizing on Microsoft .NET expertise protects engineering resources
  • Greater control over deployment and versioning with convenient automatic updates
  • Aligns with Dude’s long-term acquisition strategy, ensuring easy integration of new platforms
  • Smart, streamlined infrastructure increases reliability, reflects company’s vision of growth