Integrated trading infrastructure handles thousands of transactions securely and efficiently

The Challenge

  • Manage significant institutional assets across a number of diversified strategies
  • Construct new trading infrastructure on which to develop new strategies
  • Stay on top of the ever-changing financial market
  • Technologically handle thousands of transactions securely and efficiently
  • Deploy an easy-to-use tool that installs quickly and produces ROI rapidly

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, a Microsoft-based solution that connects easily and efficiently
  • Quickly integrates with existing Sinai trade posting architecture
  • Addresses complex message flow running between various trade capture, trade administration and risk systems
  • Dedicated and responsive Neuron ESB team captured BlueCrest’s vision

The Benefit

  • Neuron ESB helps manage billions of dollars without a long and costly up front effort
  • Enables routing of trade flows from one system or organization to another
  • Scalable and agile solution that can be applied across the organization
  • An effective and flexible architecture with immediate focus on ROI