Supercharged system delivers 200,000+ pieces of content daily to customers worldwide

The Challenge

  • AP processes more than 200,000 pieces of multimedia content daily
  • Content delivery system originally built to handle text and photos
  • New system needed to handle online and broadcast-quality video

The Solution

  • Neuron ESB, an easy-to-use, robust enterprise service bus built on .NET
  • Low implementation cost and simple yet efficient design
  • Allows AP to quickly deliver business value by shortening release cycles

The Benefit

  • One-third the cost of upgrading to newer, more expensive technology
  • No interruption or degradation in service during implementation
  • Provides HD video content to AP customers quickly and reliably
  • Allows workflows to be tailored to the specific needs of AP customers
  • Enables AP’s IT team to increase the business value of new products and services
  • Provides agility and flexibility to easily handle future business opportunities