Developers love Neuron ESB’s .NET-friendly design

Fault-tolerant, long-running orchestration

Design robust transaction architecture by leveraging Neuron ESB’s workflow and orchestration engine to create long-running, fault-tolerant business processes.

Drag and drop simplicity

Simplify your integration projects with intuitive workflow and business process designers that make building solutions a snap.

Configurable and user friendly

Leverage transport protocols – MSMQ, RabbitMQ, TCP, named pipes, peer – to drive events to and from systems based on user-defined criteria.

Real-time business process designer

Get more than 40 business activities out of the box that require no special tools or skills to develop rules that execute in real time with your business information.

CIOs applaud its cost-effective yet robust capabilities

Process designer with language editors

Expand business processes directly in Neuron ESB using C#, VB.NET or JavaScript, without having to manage or deploy complex .NET assemblies.

Simplified service hosting and mediation

Extend, host and integrate all web service (SOAP/REST) endpoints with ease, and manage existing services with uniform security, policy and reporting options.

Codeless connections to, NetSuite and more

Speed deployment with codeless connections to, NetSuite, ODBC, POP3, MS Exchange, SQL, CRM, SharePoint, SPTF/FTP/FTPS, ActiveMQ and more.

Step-by-step debugging support

Test, diagnose and fix business processes faster during development with the same level of design-time debugging support you get from Microsoft Visual Studio.