This hands-on training will include instruction on the new capabilities offered in Neuron ESB 3.5. The instructor-led training will teach you how to use Neuron ESB’s powerful long-running and fault-tolerant workflow, application integration, API gateway, messaging and monitoring features to build and deploy efficient, connected solutions for your organization. This session will also incorporate material on the newest features and improvements from our latest update. Registration coming soon!

You will learn how .NET developers build their solutions using Neuron ESB:

  • Integrate multiple disparate systems with different messaging, protocol, and security characteristics
  • Deprecate older systems with minimal friction
  • Extend the life of existing systems
  • Reduce the need for custom development
  • Automate business processes
  • Build long-running workflows
  • Use the API Gateway with Swagger and OAuth Support
  • Speed delivery of your solutions
  • Build vertical solutions and create new applications
  • And other useful information.

Stay tuned for more. Registration coming soon!